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Best Hot Towel Cabinet

Whether you own your spa or would ike to build one at home, a hot towel cabinet has many uses. Moist heat can relieve muscle soreness, for instance, so hot towels are great for massage sessions.

What’s the best hot towel cabinet on the market today? There’s quite a selection of options out there, but only 2 brands have made it to this list. Why? Because they’ve been consistently well-received by previous buyers.

Best Hot Towel Cabinet: Elite HC-X110

The Elite HC-X110 is a mini cabinet that holds 12 facial towels at a time. It looks like a tiny fridge, but instead of cooling your towels, it keeps them warm all day.

Inside, there are no partitions, just an insulated one-shelf cabinet with a stainless steel warming rack and a water-drip pan. As advertised, the heating element is “padded,” and it surrounds all internal walls for consistent heating, maintaining a temperature range of 150 to 160 degrees. Note that this product does not come with bulbs.

Feature-wise, this hot towel cabi mini only has the basics. That said, it’s very straightforward and simple to use. All you have to do is to push the power button to get started.

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Runner-Up: Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet Towel Cabi

The Spa Luxe SL18 has 2 shelves for better organization, and an under-mount drip tray to collect excess moisture. As advertised, it can hold up to 24 regular manicure-size towels, making this cabi the ideal towel warmer for medium-sized to large spas.

As long as this unit is turned on, this hot towel cabinetcan maintain a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Product dimensions (inside) include the following: 14.5″ Wide x 7″ Deep x 9.5″ High.