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What is the Best Personal Facial Steamer? Our Top Picks

Best Facial Steamer Top Picks

For our picks for the best personal facial steamer, we have the following criteria.

Safety. Safety comes first always. We want the steamer to be equipped with safety features such as an auto-shutoff function, and explicit signs that warn against any kind of accident. We also want the steamer to be well-built, durable, and stable during treatment.

Quality of Steam. We want a steamer that not only produces a powerful stream of hot mist but one that is consistent in quality. The steamer should emit steam continuously and will only stop when the water tank is used up. Also, the steam should be consistent in temperature to avoid accidental scalding or burning. There have been consumers who report that their unit gets too hot sometimes. On a side note, while the start-to-steam time is important (especially for people who don’t like waiting), we focus more on the “quality” of steam.

Features. Do the features actually work and help consumers, or are they just there to add to the price of the steamer?

That said, here are our picks for the best personal facial steamer for your money.

Satin Smooth SSMFS Mini Facial Steamer

Top on this list is of course the mini version of spa-quality steamers. These facial steaming devices are complete with a graduated water tank with a heating element, an essential oil compartment, and a twistable heating wand or arm.

These facial steamers satisfy the demands and needs of several groups of consumers. For instance, many brands of flower-blossom facial steamers don’t allow the use of essential oils. But with the mini spa-like steamer, there is a compartment made especially for aromatherapy oils. Also, if you’re a mobile therapist, you’ll definitely want a miniature version of what you’re used to at a derma clinic.

The twistable arm is a big help. To cover all areas of the face, all you need is to move the arm to the direction you want.

Which brand is the best in our opinion? The Satin Smooth SSMFS Mini Facial Steamer. This steamer stands 16 inches and weighs 4 lbs. It has a twistable arm, plus an extension that you can use in case you want to be farther away from the steamer.

This brand is not perfect, though. Read its pros and cons in our review here.

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MIRA Brands Facial Steamer

We could easily put any Panasonic Facial Steamer instead of MIRA Brands. But Panasonic is expensive. So if you’re looking for a Panasonic dupe – or a brand that does the job but doesn’t cost that much – the MIRA Brands is our top pick.

Aside from its pretty nozzle, this facial steamer is well-built, heats up pretty quickly, gives you about 10 minutes of steam time, and most importantly, it gives you a consistent stream of steam.

One of the advantages of flower-blossom steamers over the mini versions of salon-type steamers is their ease of use and storage. The salon-types may require minimal assembly, but the flower-blossom types don’t. All you need to do is to fill the water tank with water and switch the unit on.

Know more about the MIRA Brands steamer with our consumer report here.

Lure Steam Facial Sauna Model No. 1936

Overall, we wouldn’t recommend facial steamers with facial cones. Most of the brands of wide-mouthed steamers we’ve reviewed on this site don’t emit powerful and consistent amount of steam. Plus, since you need to lean over to be steamed, you can get tired easily.

However, these types of facial steamers are ideal for people who are looking for gentle steaming. So on this list, we’re recommending the Lure Steam Facial Hydration System Model No. 1936.

First, this steamer has a unique feature called the “Steam Release.” This function gives you control over the amount of steam that you’d like to receive. If you switch it to “Open,” you can receive strong steam. Switch it to “Closed” to receive mild steam. Aside from that, this steamer is easy to use, lightweight, and can help you improve your skin.

Read our Lure Steam Facial Sauna Report for more of the product.