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Mini Facial Steamers for Freelance Therapists, Top Picks

There are at least three styles of facial steamers available. We have the flower-blossom type. Another is the flared, wide-mouthed style. And we also have the mini version of salon-type facial steamers. As a freelance therapist, you’re interested in the last option.

With this style of facial steamer, you’re giving your clients the experience they would have when they drop by at a derma clinic. The only difference is that they can have those facial treatments right at the confines of their home. Plus, what you’re offering is more affordable.

Mini Salon-Type Facial Steamers for Mobile TherapistsHow different are the mini facial steamers compared with those at the spa? The obvious difference is of course the size. The mini versions are much more portable, more compact, and much lighter. You can easily and quickly store in a bag, and whisk it away when a client calls. Another difference is that the mini version is limited to a table or a countertop. The spa version’s rollers make them much more flexible. You can move them anywhere with ease.

Overall, the mini version shares many similar features with its salon counterpart. For instance, it has an “ozone” function, a twistable heating arm, an essential oil compartment, and a water jar with graduations.

What are the mini versions of salon-type facial steamers available? Here’s a list.

Satin Smooth SSMFS Mini Facial Steamer

As advertised, the Satin Smooth SSMFS stands 16 inches and weighs 4 lbs. It has a 30-minute auto shutoff function to make sure that over-heating is prevented. It has an adjustable wand / steaming arm that you can rotate to cover all areas of your client’s face. To find out more about the product, read our Satin Smooth SSMFS review.

Izar Desktop Salon Spa Facial Steamer

The Izar Facial Steamer shares similar features with the SSMFS. It has a twistable heating arm, an ozone function, an essential oils compartment, and an auto shutoff function when the water level becomes low. What do consumers say about their Izar Facial Steamer? Read more of our Izar Facial Steamer review.

Kenley Spa Tabletop Facial Steamer

The Kenley Spa Tabletop Facial Steamer looks different than the rest of the steamers featured on this page. It has more color to it, and noticeably, it has more “edges” than curves. But feature-wise, this mini steamer has some to offer. It has an “integrate mist outlet for aromatherapy,” an ozone function, and an adjustable heating wand.