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Best Nano Cool Mist Spray, Top Picks

Best Nano Cool Mist Spray

A nano cool mist spray helps refresh your makeup and helps you cool off on a hot day. And since micro-sized mist is so tiny, it can penetrate deep into your skin, thereby providing you with that much needed deep-moisturizing.

But that’s not all. Nano mist sprays are portable, lightweight, and unobtrusive, so you can take one with you anywhere you want to go. It’s the perfect travel buddy.

And if you think that’s all, wait til you hear this. Man of these sprays come with added features such as a built-in makeup mirror for a quick touchup.

Here’s our list of the best nano cool mist spray that you can find and buy online today.

Okachi Gliya OG-1882

Okachi Gliya is one of our favorite brands of facial steamers. We were so excited when we first learned that it also offers nano cool-mist sprays. One of them is the OG-1882, an “eye and facial hydrating spray.”

The Okachi Gliya OG-1882 is a USB-type spray that looks like a sleek slider phone. It comes with a dismountable 9 ml-water tank that lasts more than 10 minutes of spray time.

As advertised, this unit shuts off automatically after 45 seconds. Its built-in battery, when fully charged, can be used 120 times.

Okachi Gliya OG-1652

Unlike the rectangular slide design of the OG-1882, the Okachi Gliya OG-1652 comes with an oval shell design with a 7-ml water tank. It also charges using a USB port, and automatically shuts off after 45 seconds.

Wanery Nano Cool Mist Spray

One of the unique features of this spray from Wanery is that it can serve as an emergency power bank in case your smartphone runs out of power. Its built-in battery has a 2000mAh capacity.

Aside from that, this spray comes with a built-in makeup mirror, and a water tank with a 25-ml capacity.

Kingdom Beauty KD-7800

The Kingdom Beauty KD-7800 has a slider on the side that you can push down to start releasing cool mist. Just like all the sprays featured here, he KD-7800 charges via USB. It has a 22-ml water tank, and it comes with a 3350mAh battery that must be charged for up to 3 hours.

Kingdom Cares KC-6770

If you’re a fan of Kingdom Cares, then this slide-type spray may appeal to you. Just like the Okachi Gliya OG-1182, the Kingdom Cares KC-6770 releases mist as soon as you slide the cover down. It has a 9-ml water tank that can be used for more than 10 minutes. It also charges via USB.