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KingdomCares KC-1332 Facial Steamer Review

Kingdom Cares KC-1332 Facial Steamer Review

The KingdomCares KC-1332 is a warm-mist ionic facial steamer that looks like a sleek lunch box. But when you open it up, you’ll be greeted by a 3-in-1 steamer that’s advertised to do the following: hydrate your skin, humidify the room, and even warm towels.

Nope, this at-home beauty device doesn’t put out cold steam. But it has a fairly large water tank that can hold enough hot mist for a relaxing spa-like steam session at home.

Now let’s ask the big question: Is it worth it? What do previous buyers say about this hot-mist nano ionic device? Let’s find out in this KingdomCares KC-1332 facial steamer review.

Key Features of the KingdomCares KC-1332

Here’s what to expect.

Nano Technology. The KingdomCares KC-1332 is a hot mist steamer that produces ultra-fine particles that can effectively penetrate deep into the skin. When used properly and regularly, dirt is removed, hydrated, and moisturized.

Adjustable Steam Nozzle. The steam outlet can be positioned in three different angles to target 3 different parts of the body – your face, your neck, and your chest. It’s recommended that you maintain a 20-cm. distance from the outlet. (See image on the right.)

Large Water Tank. The tank can fill up to 100ml (3.6 ounces) of water, which should give you 15 to 18 minutes of steam time.

Lightweight. You can easily carry this facial steamer around. It weighs only 1080 grams.

Country of Origin. It’s made in China.

Parts. The KC-1332 comes with a make-up mirror and a portable handle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a compartment for essential oils.

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Pros and Cons of the KingdomCares KC-1332

In this section of our KingdomCares KC-1332 facial steamer review, we give you what previous buyers have said about their unit.

Results. Based on consumer feedback, this steamer does make the skin feeling refreshed. With regular use, it’s also smoother. It also makes you feel relaxed.

Usage. This facial steamer is easy to use. It also has instructions that are clearly written.

Steam Output. Not everyone agrees, but according to an aesthetician who purchased her own KingdomCares KC-1332, the steam produced is comparable to one you’ll find in a treatment room.

Parts. The mirror and the cover are a big plus. The mirror makes it easy to check whether or not your face is receiving steam properly. The cover also serves as protection against dust.

Limitations. One, this facial steamer does not have a cool-mist option. Two, it doesn’t come with a diffuser function. Therefore, putting essential oils directly into the water tank is discouraged because it might damage the unit. Also, some buyers have pointed out a plastic smell during the first few uses. This should eventually go away.

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Bottomline: KingdomCares KC-1332 Facial Steamer Review

The KingdomCares KC-1332 helps remove dead skin cells and dirt lodged deep into your skin. It also helps you relax and makes your skin feel refreshed after use. It’s easy to use, and very portable.