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ECVISION Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer Review

ECVISION Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer Review

Facial steamers are heaven-sent.

To borrow the words of EC VISION, a brand that offers facial steamers, these beauty tools are a “natural way to keep skin moisture.” These devices release mist that penetrate deep into the skin, giving it some much-needed moisture and at the same time eliminating dirt that can’t be cleaned with ordinary washing. The image above shows the hand of a person removing makeup after a long day. Another benefit of facial steamers is that they help you easily take out all those cosmetic products.

But here’s the bigger question. Should you get yourself an EC VISION Nano Ionic facial steamer? Let’s answer that in this review.

Key Features of the EC VISION Facial Steamer (Model #17079810)

Let’s jumpstart this ECVISION Nano Ionic warm mist facial steamer review with a quick rundown of this product’s key features.

– It produces “nano steam,” which is made possible by this device’s nano-atomization technology. Compared with regular steam, nano steam is a lot smaller, so they easily penetrate deep into your skin. They’re said to be 10X more effective.

– The reservoir of the EC VISION Nano facial steamer can contain up to 70 ml. of water, which should give you 12 minutes of run time.

– The purified water you put into the reservoir passes through different stages, which include a PTC ceramic heating element and then a UV lamp sterilizer. This ensures that only pure and clean mist is produced and then absorbed by your skin.

– As advertised, it takes only a minute or 60 seconds to create mist.

– It comes with a free blackhead removal tool kit. This is especially useful for people suffering from acne.

– Not only is this steamer a beauty tool. It can also help relieve colds and sinus problems.

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Pros and Cons of the ECVISION Facial Steamer

In summarized form, here’s what previous buyers say about their ECVISION facial steamer.

Steam Output. True enough, this facial steamer has enough steam to last for up to 12 minutes. It also produces a large amount of steam to sufficiently cover your entire face.

Results. Based on general feedback, the EC VISION Nano facial steamer delivers its promised results. Many previous buyers have only positive things to say about the changes this facial steamer has brought about on their skin (e.g., softer and smoother skin).

Usage. This facial steamer is easy and simple to use. Size-wise, it’s compact, so you should easily find a space for it on your desk.

Sinus Problems. If you’re not using the EC VISION nano facial steamer to de-clog your pores, you can use it to de-clog your child’s stuffy nose. It works. Just make sure that your child keeps a safe distance because the mist can be very hot.

Limitations. This does not double as an aroma diffuser. There’s no separate compartment for essential oils, and adding oils directly into the reservoir will negatively impact this unit’s life span.

Also, there are a few people who say that their unit cracked and stopped working only after a few months.

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ECVISION Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer Review

Overall, the EC VISION Nano facial steamer has been received well by previous buyers. There are a few who have complained about the quality of their unit, but when it comes to results, most people say they’re happy because this steamer has helped them achieve a much smoother skin. Let’s not forget to say that it can also function as a great tool to de-clog your sinuses.