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Okachi Gliya OG-1652 Nano-Ionic Mist Sprayer Review

Okachi Gliya OG-1652 Nano-Ionic Mist Sprayer Review

Okachi Gliya is one of our favorite brands of facial steamers. Here, we give you a review of the OG-1652, a compact nano-ionic mist sprayer that you can easily take anywhere with you. It sprays cool mist, so it’s a good hydrating device on hot days.

Weighing only 3.2 ounces, this shell-shaped spray fits any handbag, a clutch, or even your pocket. Bring it to the beach to recover from too much exposure from the sun.

Is it worth it? Does it work as intended? Find out in this Okachi Gliya OG-1652 nano-ionic mist sprayer review.

Key Features of the Okachi Gliya OG-1652

Here’s a rundown of the Okachi Gliya OG-1652‘s key features.

Water Tank. The built-in water reservoir can fill up to 7 ml of water. This can give you up to 10 minutes of mist.

Sliding Cover. The Okachi Gliya OG-1652 has a sliding cover design. When you slide it up, it releases steam after a few seconds. After 45 seconds, it automatically shuts off.

Shell Design. It has a half-shell design with very smooth edges so that it can easily slip into clutches, pockets, and luggage.

Charging. It has a USB charging port and cable. For a full charging, expect to take 2 hours.

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Consumer Feedback

How did this nano-ionic mist sprayer fare among previous buyers? Here’s a summary of what we found out about the product.

Mist. This sprays cool mist, which according to feedback, is “very fine,” “consistent,” and “feels cool on your skin.”

Eye Lash Extensions. This helps with cooling any discomfort while applying eye lash extensions.

Usage. Yup, the Okachi Gliya OG-1652 is easy to use.

Size and Charging. Previous buyers love that this beauty device is compact and small. It also charges via USB, so you can charge it when you’re at work through your computer.

Limitations. You cannot put any essential oil into the water tank because it damages the device. It’s also recommended that you only use distilled or mineral water.

Bottomline: Okachi Gliya OG-1652 Nano-Ionic Mist Sprayer Review

The Okachi Gliya OG-1652 does what it’s intended to do. It helps keep you cool, hydrated, and refreshed. Plus, it also helps with the discomfort when applying eye lash extensions. It’s small and compact, so it’s not a burden to take with you anywhere.