Okachi Gliya OG-2887 Facial Steamer Review

The Okachi Gliya OG-2887 is one of those facial steamers with add-ons. It’s a multi-purpose product that can be used not only as a steamer but also as a humidifier and a makeup mirror.

As a facial steamer, the Okachi Gliya OG-2887 gives out nano-sized ionic steam that can deeply penetrate into the skin to give you a better experience. Not only does it feel relaxing, but it’s a great way of unclogging your pores and removing dirt and other particles. As advertised, this facial steamer also promotes collagen regeneration and improve the nutritional absorbency of the skin.


Okachi Gliya OG-2888 Facial Steamer Review – Is it Worth it?

We can’t get enough of Okachi Gliya. They have the slickest facial steamers on the market today, don’t you agree? We’ve featured one of them so far, the OG-2886, and the general consensus is that it’s “not just a pretty face.”

But can we say the same thing about the Okachi Gliya OG-2888? At first glance, it looks like the OG-2886, but if you examine it more closely, then you’ll start to see the differences.

Here, we’re giving you our report on the Okachi Gliya OG-2888.


Product Highlight: Spaire HQ780 Facial Steamer Review

One of the facial steamers that is steadily gaining popularity is the Spaire HQ780. At first glance, there’s nothing special about it – that is, it’s not something that we haven’t already seen. But if you track its progress on Youtube, you’ll be surprised as to how many vlogs have been posted in the past few months.

So…with all the competition out there, should you go ahead and get yourself a Spaire HQ780? Or should you just stick with what you have, or consider other brands. Here, we help you find an answer.


Consumer Report & Review: Olaxer FS101 Facial Steamer

Made by a fairly new cosmetics company, the Olaxer FS101 facial steamer is definitely an eye-catcher, what with its pretty exterior. But no matter how pretty, sad to say that it’s not a unique design. Case in point: Just take a look at the Mudder 3-in-1 facial steamer.

There’s time for a proper comparison, and we’re saving it for later, but in the meantime, let’s shift our attention back to the Olaxer FS101. Here, we’re giving you a report of what we’ve gathered based on consumer reviews, feedback, sales pages, and other online resources.


Okachi Gliya Hot Mist Facial Steamer (OG-2886P1) Review

The Okachi Gliya Hot Mist Facial Steamer is probably the sleekest and most elegant-looking steamer yet, don’t you agree? We thought we’ve seen it all, but when this beautiful baby popped into our feed, we just have to take a look – it’s that irresistible.

Scrolling through its sales page, we learned that this facial steamer is “not just a pretty face.” In fact, it has some features that the competition hasn’t thought about. Here, we’re giving you all the deets.


When in Japan: Renting a Facial Steamer For Free at Your Hostel

Japan Kimono Clad Girls

As mentioned in another blog post, we have just arrived from an exciting trip to Japan. Of course, no matter how busy our schedule was, we had to check out the beauty products sold in the country. We’re glad that at Donki, the inventory includes facial steamers, facial brushes, and tons of other products.

But here’s the truth. Although Donki (short for Don Quijote) is Japan’s biggest discount store, many of their products on display can drain your travel budget.

Don’t fret because here’s the good news. If you’ve forgotten (or have deliberately left) your facial steamer at home, there are hostels that can rent one to you for free.


When in Japan: Check Out These Facial Steamers at Donki Stores

Are you traveling to Japan anytime soon? We just got back from a 12-day trip, and already, we’re planning to go back next year. There’s lots to love about this wonderful country, and we have LOTS of stories to tell.

For this website, we went to the country’s biggest discount store, Donki, to check out their beauty products. This store is huge, and it basically has everything. Guess what we found – facial steamers! When we got to the beauty section, we immediately spotted three Panasonic products. Here are the images we took.