REVIEW: Argus Le’s Face Steamer with Pollen Box Design, Model 401A

Argus Le’s Face Steamer Review

Argus Le‘s facial mist Model 401A has one unique feature – its “small pollen box design.” With this, you can expect and enjoy two benefits from this steamer. First, you can use it as a personal home facial spa. Second, you can use it as a home humidifer.

You might ask, “But that’s not unique. Other brands have that, too.” What you’ve probably seen are brands that allow you to put essential oils into their water tank. While you can still do this with the Argus Le face steamer, you can also use solids such as dried flowers for your aromatherapy sessions.


Kingdom Cares KC-1330 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Review

Kingdom Cares KC-1330 Review

There are at least three (3) facial steamers under the Kingdom Cares brand. These three vary in design but share similar features. In this article, we’ll give you a consumer report on one of them, the round-shaped model with number KC-1330.

At first glance, the KC-1330 bears a strong resemblance to Ivation’s IV-FACE-MINI. If you’re familiar with Plants vs Zombies (the online game), both of these steamers look like a peashooter, one of those zombie-zapping plants. But instead of peas, these beauty gadgets shoot out nano ionic steam.


Which Kealive Portable Facial Steamer Is For You?

What do we know about Kealive’s Home Facial Steamers? Your friend is probably using one right now, and she has recommended that you get one for yourself. But is having one worth it? Here, we’d like to give you the deets about these beauty gadgets.

First up, when you go to popular online retailers, you’ll find that there are two (2) facial steamers with a Kealive mark. One of them is a flower-blossom steamer, one that looks like, say, the Mira Nano Ionic Facial Steamer. The other is a little unconventional in style, yet very elegant and classy-looking. You can say that it’s similar to Panasonic’s EH-SA35-P.


Facial Steamers with Add-On, 2-in-1 Kits

Best Facial Steamers with Add Ons
Many brands of facial steamers are just steamers. Meaning, they only help you cleanse your skin by the power of hot steam. But what if you need something extra? Something such as an exfoliator? Surely, you’d look for a 2-in-1 (or even 3-in-1) kit.

Here, we’d like to list facial steamer packages that include at least two devices or two distinct functions. Most of these brands have been reviewed or featured separately on this site, so feel free to know more about them by going through these reviews and features.


Kenley Tabletop Facial Steamer Review

The Kenley Tabletop Facial Steamer is advertised as a device for a “beauty salon,” but with its miniature size, you sure can get one for your personal use at home (or even as a must-have if you are a mobile or freelance therapist).

It’s compact, it has a twistable heating arm, it has an ozone function, and it comes with an “integrated mist outlet for aromatherapy.” So if you’re not steaming and cleansing your face, you can use this device to freshen up your room. It’s also ideal for people who does yoga and meditation.


What is the Best Personal Facial Steamer? Our Top Picks

Best Facial Steamer Top Picks
For our picks for the best personal facial steamer, we have the following criteria.

Safety. Safety comes first always. We want the steamer to be equipped with safety features such as an auto-shutoff function, and explicit signs that warn against any kind of accident. We also want the steamer to be well-built, durable, and stable during treatment.

Quality of Steam. We want a steamer that not only produces a powerful stream of hot mist but one that is consistent in quality. The steamer should emit steam continuously and will only stop when the water tank is used up. Also, the steam should be consistent in temperature to avoid accidental scalding or burning. There have been consumers who report that their unit gets too hot sometimes. On a side note, while the start-to-steam time is important (especially for people who don’t like waiting), we focus more on the “quality” of steam.


Mini Facial Steamers for Freelance Therapists, Top Picks

There are at least three styles of facial steamers available. We have the flower-blossom type. Another is the flared, wide-mouthed style. And we also have the mini version of salon-type facial steamers. As a freelance therapist, you’re interested in the last option.

With this style of facial steamer, you’re giving your clients the experience they would have when they drop by at a derma clinic. The only difference is that they can have those facial treatments right at the confines of their home. Plus, what you’re offering is more affordable.